Can Zlatan Keep Saving Man United? | Comments Below


Zlatan Ibrahimovic can’t stop scoring for Man United! But will he be able to save their season? Poet and Vuj discuss this and more in this week’s Comments Below! Subscribe to Copa90:

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  1. The FA are a bunch of dickheads. That whole pie ‘scandal’ is a fucking joke. The sun had to taint the football club of Sutton on probably the biggest game of their life, into forcing a man who loved the club, pictured sleeping on a sofa for 3 days a week for the club and hoovering their dugout, eat a pie for some ‘lols’ about a bet. Apparently forced to resign from the club because of the FA investigation. The whole situation is a fucking joke.

  2. You have to talk about Henri Lansbury in the Newcastle vs Villa game on Monday. A few months ago Lansbury got two Newcastle players sent off for decisions that were wrongly given as red cards when he played for Nottingham forest. He came to st James park on Monday with Villa and scored an own goal. #karma #haveanice

  3. #transfers Manchester City have now indicated that they want £20 million for joe hart if Liverpool want to buy , He’s so shit Liverpool are probably better off by putting a chair in goal !!

  4. The scary thing with City that we saw versus Monaco in the first half, is that they don’t just get one shot on a drive, they produce 3-4 chances within seconds

  5. Pep Guardiola’s first “genius” move (like moving Alaba to different positions at Bayern) is Fernandinho being moved to Fullback. It’s actually worked

  6. I don’t think zlatan will do anything against Chelsea we are luegue toppers and we beat them 4 – 0 and…

    I support Chelsea

  7. Lol I don’t get why United fans are surprised by the title, on one seat you have an Arsenal fan and on the other seat you have a Liverpool fan of course they’re gonna be salty and tryna hate on United whenever they get a chance, these are the same guys that probably use excuses like Sanchez or Mane wasn’t playing that’s why we didn’t win (Now which team depends on one player?), this channel has turned into shit anyway so don’t try and look down on Arsenal Fan TV

  8. This one is for Poet! What do you think of Tottenhams trophy drought now being longer than Arsenal’s? Last trophy won was in 2008 with a victory over Chelsea to lift the League Cup!!