El Salvador Vs. Curacao | 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Highlights


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Full group stage highlights between El Salvador and Curacao.

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  1. I really don’t know why El Salvador can’t get to an international level, we do have good players, Fito Ayala is a really good player I think they don’t gain self confidence because they don’t give the players the chance to play in a class A team. But someday we will be one of the best I know that for a fact. You learn from your mistakes.

  2. not gonna lie EL Salvador plays pretty good, the way they pass and the skills they do. They are just weak and don’t have good conditioning but that sepxected

  3. good win. el salvador nevee hav gone far in anything and they might create history to even make it to the semi finals. even if they dmt make it the final ..

  4. los jugadotes no fueton egoistas como antes. se buscaron unos con otros y logico se jugo futbol disiplinado. se pudieron ader mas goles pero ay la llevan.

  5. Hey congratulations guys, first time I see these guys actually doing something (not hating). Good luck against Jamaica.

  6. Don’t hate on el salvador because Curacao had a LOT of chances to get goals very good chances but in the end el Salvador won

  7. jajajjajajjajajjajajajjajajajajajjajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajjaja selebran Los goles como si estuvieran jugando con UN buen, Por ESO el futbol en centro America no crece porq somos conformistas

  8. hahahaha salvatruchas get all happy when they beat curacao, martinica, islas galapagos, las aguilas del norte, los topos, los correcaminos… Salvatruchas maletas!

  9. If you guys wonder how Fito Zelaya is respected very well in the national team an example would be when he scored a fantastic free kick goal against keylor Navas when El Salvador was playing against Costa Rica in the gold cup 2011

  10. The fact is that salvadoreans are esquisite football players , the best in the region , no doubts!!!!! THE PEROBLEM IS INSTITUCIONAL AND LOGISTICAL AS WELL AS POLITICAL… wy do i say this ? well the so cal federacion de futbol salvadorena is controled by thesame people of the utra right , that in the case of El Salvador are ati El Salvador and are afraid of the posible succes and development of the masses or the people , they feel that in order to be able to have control of what goes on in la tierra cuzcatleca they may never allow any popular movement to reach a succesfull point…. and futbol is an unbelievable force that can inspire an entire population !!!! unfortunately that is the bigest ostacule to El futbol CUZCATLECO…