FIFA 18 Van Der Sar Review – Van Der Sar Goalkeeper Review


FIFA 18 Van Der Sar Review
89 Rated Van Der Sar
FIFA 18 Van Der Sar Review
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  1. Martial and thierry Henry and real beast or little bitch, you can Get thierry Henry’s loan icon card on the journey

    Please do this episode, it would be AMAZING

  2. SBC Casillas? I know u dont like doing SBCs but u can have a nice return on those packs and Casillas is a legend tho probably average in the game like his Regular card

  3. What about Lecomte, his non-rare gold card then his inform seemed pretty sick and try him. cause his stats got a huge upgrade

  4. Handanovic review is needed. Want to see if he’s good this year last two years been unusable always had to choose perin but hopefully Handanovic lives up to his 87 stat this year

  5. I have this card, he’s unbelievable for me, best keeper I have used am running him on basic chem style, do you think loyalty could have an effect on keepers performances

  6. Big begovic is the most OP player I used so far better than butland, schmicheal and very cheap! Please review him!!! As you are best keeper reviewer