January Blues, Buses & No Business



In this show we speak with DJ Selecta Skills who spoke out to Red Men TV against Liverpool’s current owners, Fenway Sports Group after the EFL Cup exit to Southampton.

We discuss the ongoing court case between Mill Financial and RBS and the email’s circulated from John W Henry’s personal email in which he openly discusses stealing the Liverpool franchise.

Credit to Red Men TV for allowing us to use the audio of the DJ Selecta Skills interview and be sure to go and subscribe to their YouTube channel

Check out the court documents for yourself on the New York Supreme Court website at

These are documents that are in the public domain and are an official court recording of evidence and testimonies


  1. fenway we come not to pay, dj skills, i thank george gillette and tom hicks
    they have made the job off getting them out easy’er it’s going to be hard
    work Sean i have family problems BUT if there are any plans to demonstare
    im there

  2. Do you remember mohamed salah? Spent 3 months haggling with him. Chelsea
    come and sign him in 3 days. Low balled him like we do every other player.

  3. The only way our team can stop goals is by sticking that bus in the fucking
    goal . Great podcast totally agree we need team investment and not money
    grabbing yanks who do not give a fuck about the club or the fans with all
    our success over the years we should have a 80 thousand seater bad
    investment for 30 years not just lately we did not promote when we were the
    best and the fucking mancs did fucking pisses me off !!

  4. FSG dont give a shit what happens in are league, we have about 350m fans
    world wide, who are pissed off, ticket sales and shirt sales IS ALL THIS
    MONEY going in there fuckin pockets? £50 a shirt…and 350m fans, do the
    maths people this is utterly unacceptable! its bin 27 years so to be honest
    i wish the fans that go the spurs game would walk out at 27 minutes! sean,
    lee, dunk, we need a petition going to get this shit spoke about in
    parliament, we as fans want are club back! it belongs to us fans!!