Manchester United 4-0 Reading – Post Match Analysis


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  1. Why Rooney needs to score 20 more goals to equal Bobby Charlton’s record:
    – Charlton actually scored 151 goals in all competitions for United, not
    149 as the record books suggest.
    – No less than 26 of Rooney’s goals have been from Penalties, not from open
    play. Penalties give the kick-taker a distinct advantage. For England too,
    he has benefited from this. Charlton scored 8 penalties for United – so
    Rooney’s penalty advantage is 18 penalty kicks (26-8).
    –> 18 + 2 (151-149) = 20.

    Therefor, to be on level terms with no unfair advantage given to Rooney, he
    still has Twenty open-play goals to score. If he can score 169 goals – no
    more penalties – he can rightfully claim to equal Bobby’s record. And, to
    be fair, to have beaten it, as then, the extra penalties will qualiify as a
    Youre not done yet, Wayne. Youll need to be paid a few more ££, £££, £££ in
    income to rival Bobby. So theres still plenty of motivation to score 20
    more goals for us this season!

  2. dont think hes ahead of sheduale, sorry scholesy but thats bull.. he
    inhereited a fairly good team off lvg and he is the man to set a team up
    for long term future success. i just hope this isnt the case! ha