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  1. Aubameyang is going Madrid, this is the best opportunity for us to sign
    Karim Benzema, he is 30, 6 feet 2 good in air and quick also an excellent

  2. Mkhitaryan, being an Armenian surname, sort of supposed to be pronounced
    not M-hee-tA-ree-uhn or whatever, but Mhee-tar-rYAn, the stress is on the
    last syllable YA is one sound, not two, similar “ya” as in “yard” methinks

  3. Guys the team i support is in League 1, try and imagine how that feels,
    your 6th in the PL with a 500 million pound squad think yourself lucky.

  4. Everyone in the country, including many Man Utd supporters are now sick and
    tired of listening to Mourinho. Nobody can understand him, he acts like a
    spoilt child and of course always blames someone else for his mistakes. For
    Gods sake get out or put a sock in it. The football world is laughing at
    him after he said the rules are different for him. Too bloody right they
    are, offside goals allowed, players escaping getting sent off, opposition
    players being sent off wrongly. Grow up you scilly little man.