Michael Phelps Wins 22nd Gold Medal 200 IM at Rio Olympics 2016


Michael Phelps Wins Gold Men’s 200m Individual Medley at Rio Olympics 2016
Phelps monstered the opposition in the final stages. It was close until the final 100m when a brilliant breaststroke and then an awesome freestlye left his opponents gasping. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

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Michael Phelps Wins Gold 200im at Rio Olympics 2016
Michael Phelps Wins Gold 200im at Rio Olympics 2016
Michael Phelps Wins Gold 200im at Rio Olympics 2016


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  2. It’s like you know the cheat code to a game ! and then you know how to get
    full points and the others do not and still break their head! And once you
    know how it’s done ! Till someone else has to break that code! This guy
    will be undisputed and only seen wearing nothing but GOLD. because He
    unraveled the mystery behind getting first place! and He has a stupendous
    physique! I love the way he maintains his diet and exercises too! Way to go
    Phelps! G.O.A.T!

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  6. Loved the documentary thing… but…. where’s the race?? the title is
    misleading af. Anyhow, Sun blessings to you and your loved ones Team
    Phelps. You are a living legend!

  7. Hi guys. with the Olympics going on I made a video about Rafael Nadal
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  8. He is super-hero, super-human. No other human can do this…. he is just
    like other American heros, who were unbeaten and super-humans, Lance
    Armstrong, Marion Jones, Carl Lewis, Alex Rodriguez, Justin Gatlin, Barry
    Bonds and others.

  9. Michael Phelps is king of the world. He and Mohammud Ali are the only two
    sportsmen in recent times to have that title