Parsemain Ties It At 2-2 With A Deflection Against USA | 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Highlights


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Kevin Parsemain shocks the USMNT with an equalizer.

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  1. The Gold Cup is a terrible joke of a tournament in terms of quality. The top teams in CONCACAF should join COMNEBOL in one giant Copa America, ala EURO 2016. Its the only way that this region will grow. The United States struggling to beat Martinique on their home soil isn’t a good sign of how far CONCACAF has allegedly grown. And don’t even get me started on Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, etc.

  2. I’ve always wanted CONCACAF to be as competitive like European and South American nations, but not like this…

  3. Both usa and Mexico are playing with C teams at best.
    Let that sink in, and stop overreacting and underestimating concacaf. We know is not the best, but is 3rd in the world.