Top Five USMNT Goals Of The Tournament | 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Highlights


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Check out the United States’ best goals on the way to the final against Jamaica.

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  1. ik im a mexican that loves mexico but born in the us but lets goo usa you have howard bradly dempsey and morris

  2. Can Americans stop underestimating us? There’s a reason we got to the final in the first place, we’re actually a good team.

  3. United States 3-0 Jamaica
    Mexico 2-0 Costa Rica
    El Salvador 2-2 Honduras

    Honduras 2-1 Mexico
    Jamaica 1-0 El Salvador
    Costa Rica 2-0 United States

    Honduras 1-0 Jamaica
    El Salvador 2-1 Costa Rica
    United States 2-2 Mexico

    Mexico 4-0 El Salvador
    United States 2-0 Honduras
    Jamaica 1-2 Costa Rica

    Costa Rica 1-0 Honduras
    El Salvador 2-2 United States
    Mexico 3-1 Jamaica

    Jamaica 1-2 United States
    Honduras 2-0 El Salvador
    Costa Rica 2-1 Mexico

    El Salvador 3-2 Jamaica
    Mexico 2-1 Honduras
    United States 1-0 Costa Rica

    Mexico 2-1 United States
    Costa Rica 3-0 El Salvador
    Jamaica 2-2 Honduras

    Honduras 1-1 United States
    El Salvador 1-3 Mexico
    Costa Rica 2-0 Jamaica

    Jamaica 2-2 Mexico
    United States 3-0 El Salvador
    Honduras 1-0 Costa Rica