USA 2-1 Jamaica [USA Wins Gold Cup, Which They Are Supposed To Win Anyway]


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The USMNT was in action during the Gold Cup Final against Jamaica where Jozy Altidore and Jordan Morris made up the two goals to secure the Gold Cup victory. While raising hardware is always important for the USMNT, the truth of the matter is that the competition level of the Gold Cup is not strong enough for this to be taken as anything aside from “the USMNT is supposed to win this tournament”. USMNT has been to 10 Gold Cup Finals, two more than Mexico for the most in its tournaments history and a close 1-1 match for 87 minutes was not the most convincing for USA fans.

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SNAPCHAT: Frannybhoy1

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  1. The US national team should be judge only how they perform in World Cup qualifying and on the actual World Cup. The Gold Cup is simply a tournament to see which players can be trusted in big games.

  2. Defensively USA always seem shaky & so dependent on Howard to make a save. Overall, I’m glad that USA won the Gold Cup, but nervous that the team will become too reliant on Bradley, Dempsey, Altidore & Pulisic to save them. Other guys need to step up and break through to add a mix of experience and youth

  3. USA sent an A/B team….so yea. The last 3 Gold Cups the USA has won are ON OFF YEARS!!!! Hence the Rule change to make the off year Gold Cup count.

    Kind of pathetic really

  4. USA should switch confederations and leave the CONCACAF to join CONEMBOL. Similar to what Australia did when it left the OFC to join the AFC due to lack of worthy competition in Oceania.

  5. Am I the only one that believes that the Besler / Gonzalez combo in central defense is the best combo we have? I know there are individuals with better talent and speed but every time it counts, these two put up solid, cohesive performances.

  6. As a Canadian, I’m impressed with the current USMNT program. They’re bringing in a lot of good talent, some younger than others, and I think Bruce Arena was a great appointment. They now just have to find a starting XI that they can stick with consistently and they’ll be fine.

    Canada’s MNT… ugh

  7. I stopped watching when I heard you say ( winning the Gold Cup whatever the f-bomb means ) you have no clue what you are talking about go talk about baseball or nfl. or do some research on the history of the Gold Cup knucklehead.

  8. i know its crazy to say but us can hold its own against germany and the likes of others last two games against germany 1-0 loss and and a 2-1 win