USA Vs Jamaica PREVIEW + PREDICTION | Gold Cup Final 2017


USA vs Jamaica PREVIEW + PREDICTION | Gold Cup Final 2017


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  1. 2-1 because a final is a different game and i feel like Jamaica will lose concentration late in the 2nd half and usa with their experienced players will take advantage so i think USA 2-1

  2. I agree with everything you said but I think Jamaica is missing structure they have underrated players such as Powell but the USA has a far better manager and they have got Bradley and Dempsey who are the real difference makers but USA have been sloppy in the Defence all tournament so I see Jamaica scoring 1 but Altidore and Dempsey will both find the back of the net in the second half for a 2-1 win for America

  3. Answer mi bro why is USA so successful . I tell you why because the gold cup all keep in the USA that’s why .

  4. 2-0 USA because Jamaica will park the bus and USA will eventually break them down in the 2nd half just like when they were against Costa Rica. The 2nd goal will come off a counter at the end of the game.

  5. Listen….. Jamaica 1-0, just because of how the media’s been talking down upon them. Nobody on the net has said a good word for them or about them in any round, Canada included. Jamaica defense is tight. Jamaica is never favored, so what difference does the US make? Mexico had some sort of wining streak. This was supposed to be Canada’s best team. Jamaica wants revenge for how they’ve been portrayed in the media. Did you see their goal celebration vs Mexico? there was none. They’re saving all their energy to win this thing!!!

  6. Only hod himself can prevent Jamaica from win. They are hungry for this one. They are the most difensive team thus far. Only two goals scored against them. And they are deadly in front of goal .

  7. Dude half guy on RBZ play on the team that beat us Mex is better than the USA RBZ bust that up, USA just hoping RBZ don’t have a good game Matlock is fast so the US defender gonna have there hand full

  8. Jamaica has a Very Underrated squad that Shocked Mexico. And USA have a great coach with good players But I think USA will either win 2-1 or In penalties after a 2-2 draw.

  9. I feel like Usa is going to win, but Im routing for Jamaica. If usa its 3:1. If Jamaica its going to be 2-1