USfanTV: USA-Jamaica Gold Cup Final Preview


We look ahead to Wednesday night’s Gold Cup final matchup between our beloved Yanks and the Reggae Boyz. Plus: Dom Dwyer moves to Orlando, and that billion, pro/rel contingent offer for MLS TV rights.


  1. Hey guys, firstly my prediction for tonight – USA 2 Jamaica 0, Deuce breaks the record & I’ll say Jozy scores again as well. Secondly, I have joined the USFanTV FPL league as well as mine so thanks for the post & thanks Pat for joining my league, come on Chris come and join! Then thirdly, regarding fights between teammates do you remember I think it was in 05, maybe a bit later but there was a fight between Kieron Dyer & Lee Bowyer of Newcastle United I have attached a link! –

    finally no Mppape to Madrid hasn’t been done yet, Marca the Real Madrid sports paper in Spain is reporting it so there must be something there but isn’t yet, he’s a good player but the price is ridiculous!

  2. Jam 3 vs USA 2 if Jamaica play good US in trouble, if Jamaica backline hold up and played good US in trouble… but it’s a good match to watch Howard vs Blake

  3. First, Pat, fuck you about hockey in Phoenix. We have been screwed over by the F.O.G. Same goes for both of your’s past comments about us being a Mexico home site (even if it is true).

    2nd TJ or Luke probably would have stopped that free kick that beat Mexico. Not sure about Guzan.

    3rd, CONCACAF needs to beg CONEMBOL to create one federation. Not that I want to bring in more corruption, but it is the best way to improve our team and the region. A true Copa America every 4 years would push the Euros, and qualifying for the World Cup would actually be a challenge.

    4th, while I like pro-rel, we are too spread out for it.

    5th, Silva is a douche. He’s not pushing Huevos Oro out of Miami.

    6th, is this really a B+ squad. We are missing our whole starting back line, half the midfield, and a forward. There are only Bradley, Nagbe, Altidore, Howard, and Deuce that are locks to go to Russia.

  4. U talking like USA has ever done ANYTHING in football ! In fact Jamaica is way ahead of USA in football accomplishments ,USA has no player in no major leagues in the world…English premier league was won by a Jamaican last year…Wes Morgan…man city a top club got Jamaican foward (Sterling) and I could go on but is USA doing in football????? This ain’t the NBA