Why Did Ronaldo Shoot It Backwards??? : Dream League Online Series #16 : Dream League Soccer 2017


Today we play online two games to see if we can get promoted
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  1. When you have Sterling and Martial up front along the opponent’s defensive line you should lob it over. Not only will they have a headstart in chasing the ball but the opponent defender tends to run in the opposite direction of the forward for a shot period of time.

  2. Dis game needs a lot of adjustments LIKE A LOT……u can easily go pass a players defense just by pace like control doesn’t even matter in dis game at all, and I just hate how when u press a the player doesn’t even shoot once u press it it takes like 3 seconds for the player to shoot the stupid ball and the joystick needs big fixing as well

  3. @nolifejeff Hey bro I’m on a winning streak online 13 wins 0 lost 0 draw I started and I bought coins and go a good team my best player is 97 aguero

  4. Wall messes up when ur fellow player is beside the wall nd pushing the other players try it in training it really works with any player.

  5. JEFF i found probaly the best st in the game get him to a 100 his a joy mbappe is the player his 80 on my account just bought him he scored 5 against first touch as 80 rated his a beast try him out and maybe review trust me his a beast

  6. i did not enjoy the suffering and nolife dont put yourself down just because of 1 or 2 loses. just keep trying.