Zlatan Ibrahimovic Goal – Blackburn Vs Manchester United 1-2 – 19/02/2017 HD


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Goal – Blackburn vs Manchester United 1-2 – 19/02/2017 HD


  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic he is a Swedish hero
    On a free from PSG he cost us fucking zero
    6 foot 5
    Hard as fuck
    He gets the reds excited
    Stick your city up your arse
    Cos we are man united

  2. Miky and Pogba’s assist were absolutely phenomenal, the goals(finishing) top class..We need this consistently. Am so loving our cordination up front at the moment. About our defense and Uncle Smalling, hmmmm, i’ll reserve my comments for now.

  3. I rate zlatan as one of the best strikers ever .. He’s been consistent over and over .. Whatever league you put him in he will score goals .. Truly world class

  4. It looked like he was considering whether to do the scissor or bicycle but in the end just decided to do a “simple” clinical finish to avoid getting grass stains.

  5. I love how he gives a team talk and all the players immediately gather around him. Only been here sixth months and already everyone is looking up to him. To be fair who wouldn’t.